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The Truth about Classical Conversations

We are coming up on our eighth year in Classical Conversations, and we truly love it more each year. For this reason I thought I would take a minute to share what we have learned during the last seven years.

Classical Conversations truly is a classical Christian community.

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Rising to the Challenge

After directing Challenge B for a year, I’ve come to a conclusion. Classical Conversations’ curriculum choices are pure genius. They effortlessly intertwine to produce a beautiful tapestry of knowledge—one telling God’s story of mankind’s humanness, redemption, and hope for the future.

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Seven Lessons from the Homeschooling Journey, So Far

When I first started homeschooling, someone once told me that my child would become my greatest teacher. I thought that was quaint advice and mostly ridiculous. What could I possible learn from a 4th grader—a nine-year-old?

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Don’t Walk Away from the Past

A few weeks ago life for me turned upside down. My family and I were in Athens, Greece at the time. I had moved to Athens to study Greek, and then we received the call no parent wants to receive. 

My son had nearly died when the vehicle he was driving flipped six times on interstate 70 just east of Denver, Colorado.

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Celebrity CC mom publishes indictment of public education

When you look at Sam Sorbo, you immediately recognize the confident, intellectual actress, model (apparently, an intellectual model is not an oxymoron), radio talk show host and social activist. What you don’t immediately recognize is the passionate, outspoken advocate for homeschooling in general, and Classical Conversations specifically.

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