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I feel disconnected, cut off, and isolated. It’s only because my “office away from home” is closed this week. It is the Christian dance studio at which my granddaughter studies ballet, jazz, lyrical, contemporary, etc. and at which my grandsons take acrobatics. There, I get to visit with some wonderful Christian parents several days a week when I am helping my daughter take or pick up one of her children.

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The Stories We Didn’t Tell

There’s so much. Beginning to write this article reminds me of how I first felt when contemplating the task in front of me six months ago: find the stories of how geography impacted the histories and cultures of Asia and tell them to our readers in a new Classical Conversations cartography resource. I was completely overwhelmed. I spent years in college studying Chinese language, history, and culture, and to date I only know how little I know.
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Where Are the Conversations?

When our family stumbled upon Classical Conversations eight years ago, I didn’t have any idea what I was signing up for but knew I needed something to help me! At the time, I had a daughter entering sixth grade and a son entering third grade, and we had just experienced one year of homeschooling without Classical Conversations. 

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