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Review Games Abecedarians

I'm a Abecedarian tutor. Struggling to find active (but not out of control) games to keep all 8 students engaged during review. I have thoroughly scoured the internet and CC connected. Lots of great ideas, but they can't handle sitting ANY LONGER during that time! Their attentions are so spent that they need something super engaging and active but, then usually chaos tends to ensue. Any seasoned tutors could provide advice - I'd really appreciate it!

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Here are some that mine have enjoyed:

- Play musical chairs. Whoever gets "out" has to answer a review question.

- Make a "life-sized" board game. Use flashcards or index cards with the memory work on them (or just a subject and then you ask the question, or whatever) and spread them in a "path" on the ground to walk on. Have them roll a dice and move that amount of spaces, or cards. They answer whatever they land on. 

- They love throwing things-- so draw a big target on the board with the different subjects in it. Then let them throw a dart or something else sticky at the board and whatever subject it hits is the one they have to answer. You could also write the memory work on pieces of paper and if they answer it correctly, they get to ball it up and throw it into the trash.

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There are some great ideas!  Thank you for sharing.  I do encourage you to talk to your local support person, the F/E Director who hired you as well as the tutors in your community, for tutoring ideas.  

Blessings, Foundations Academic Team

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I also struggle with my little ones during review time. They are all boys ages 4-5 and they have HAD it by the end of class time! Things that have helped are using a big dice I found, it is foam and they can roll it across the room and hit the wall if they want.  I used to assign each subject to a number, but now they each take turns rolling it (while the rest stay seated) and I just ask a question.  It works well for the kids.

I also found one of those foam ball shooters and they can shoot it at the wipe board and the subject they hit is the one I ask a review question.

There are days I can go the whole review time doing this, there are days I can only get 10 minutes of review, so I pull out playdough and we create while listening to the timeline song or I will just sit and ask review questions while thier hands are busy.

I tried musical chairs, it was a total bust.

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Bringing this question back - as I am wondering the same thing as I prep for the year!

I would love some interesting review game ideas!

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These are all super helpful. THANK YOU!