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Reccomendations from the Bookstore

Does anyone have any reccomendations of helpful material that I should buy from the CC bookstore? I am already plannong on buying the Foundations Guide, tin whistle, and several of the timeline card packs. Should I get anythign else?



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What about Copper Lodge Library: NEW WORLD ECHOES? It is an independent press award Winner, essays are realy worth readind especialy if you are in a bad mood. There are a couple stories that have wording and phrases that is in appropriate for young readers or like for short term lunch break at work, especially if you doing some maths stuff  (ERP customization) like i do. 

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I think that you're planning to get the best ones. 

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The Foundations Guide is a great pick. But you can see which books are bestsellers there. I bought a couple of books there to cite them in my paper. And the site helped me a lot with it. It's just that there are so many good books that it's hard to pick few.