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Personalized time for each child

I'm a rookie and looking for ideas how to organize time. My 9 and 7 year olds do Foundations and All about Reading  together. However, I need to figure out how to spend dedicated math and spelling time with my 7 year old AND then math, spelling, and Essentials time with my 9 year old. What do you guys do??


Thanks in advance!

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Disclaimer: I'm not sure I can help much since my kids are different ages than yours and both are in foundations still. Mine are 5 and 7.
We use Saxon for math and Spelling Plus for spelling if that's any help. Our typical school day starts with all of us at the table for math.
We all go through the calander portion of the lesson together, sometimes if I'm busy, or my 2 yr old is extra fussy, I'll ask the 7 year old to help the 5 year old with the parts she can (days of the week, how to spell October, whatever) then I'll have my 7 year old do her counting, weather chart, daily pattern, telling time etc., by herself while my 5 year old and I go over her math lesson which usually only takes 10 minutes or so since it's kidergarten. Then the 5 yr old is free to go play while my 7 year old and I do her lesson.
If the lesson is taking longer than usual and I feel like 5 yr old has had enough free time I'll have her get out her handwriting book and do a page while 7 yr old and I finish up. 7 year old does her class practice sheet (25 addition or subtraction problems) and then the first half of her math worksheet, after which she gets a well deserved break.
I'll usually pull my 5 year old back to the table at this point and go over her spelling list with her. The beautiful thing about the Spelling Plus program is that the student uses the same routine with their words every day so once they know the routine they can do it themselves with minimal guidance. My 5 yr old still insists I do every word with her though, so we always do it together.
Around now I usually feel like we've all been sitting around the table long enough and need to get our blood pumping a little so it's time to go over this week's memory work! We usually go through the memory work in the same way that I did it in class at community day.
Then my 7 yr old will choose to either do handwriting or spelling, then the other right after. Both can be done on her own. 

Lunch and quiet time

Around 3:00 I tell my 7 yr old it's time to finish her homework and she'll do her spelling words a second time and the other half of her math worksheet. 

That's our school day. I hope it helps, even if just a little. My main thing has been encouraging my oldest to do her work on her own when she can. I'm still available for anything she doesn't understand or questions she has, but the more she can do without me sitting next to her, the better.