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Foundations Curriculum, 5th Edition, Landing Page

Dear Homeschool Families, 

As we eagerly await the arrival of Christmas, we also eagerly await the Foundations Curriculum (Foundations Guide), 5th Edition, and are excited to share a few pieces of related information with you before we launch into 2018.

The President Trump Card

The updated Presidents Timeline card for President Donald Trump will be included automatically with the Foundations Curriculum, 5th Edition, if ordered by April 30, 2018. This card will also be available for individual purchase for $1. Additionally, this new card will be added to the Classical Acts & Facts® History Cards: Modern World timeline set on its next printing (and its inclusion will then be indicated on the cover of the set).


Foundations Guide, 4th Edition, Coupon

Families that purchased the Foundations Guide, 4th Edition, after February 24, 2017, will receive a special email the week after Christmas. This email will outline the process and details about their free shipping and how to redeem their one-time-use $25 coupon toward the Foundations Curriculum, 5th Edition.  


Foundations Curriculum, 5th Edition, Landing Page

As we did during the production of our popular Exploring the World through Cartography resource, we now have a landing page where you can stay updated between now and when the 5th Edition begins shipping from our warehouse. Those who sign up through the landing page will receive information such as:

  • how to pre-order your Foundations Curriculum, 5th Edition
  • sneak peeks
  • bonus content
  • when the 5th Edition has begun shipping
  • and other timely information

To stay in the information flow, you will need to submit your name and email on the landing page. Our first communication to families who sign up through the landing page will be next week, after Christmas, so, don’t delay! Click on the landing page and stay in the loop! 


We look forward to staying in touch in the early months of 2018 to keep you informed with everything we can share about the 5th Edition. In the meantime, have a blessed Advent season as you reflect upon the coming of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Foundations Curriculum, 5th Edition landing page:



Evelyn Jenkins

Lead Academic Advisor for Foundations and Essentials