To know God and to make Him known.

Homeschool Counselor

Licensed Homeschool Counselors are Christ-centered resources who serve in their communities as families anticipate choices prompted by the child’s God-given development and advancing education. Homeschool Counselors distinguish themselves by rooting themselves in scripture: Romans 12:2: Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove that good, acceptable and perfect will of God. 

Proper education focuses on virtuous soul development (i.e. Christian “paideia”), but practically, much time is spent on “logos,” which is the Word of God, “knowing God,” and representative of bodies of knowledge to be comprehended. Another aspect of soul development is “ethos,” which represents the Incarnate Son, “doing God’s will” and making what is invisible visible. Ethos is knowledge put to action with one’s character. Homeschool Counselor focuses on ethos, which complements much attention already on logos.

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Homeschool Counselor, Senior Advisor Webinars

May 17, 2108……… Classical Conversations Plus: View Webinars for FREE! We have received many requests to view our recent webinars on Classical Conversations Plus. Thank you for all of your inquiries. Click on the link below to gain free access to view videos and links about our college program. Each of our webinars, “College Credit for Challenge Course Work” and “College Assessment Facts and Practices”, has been divided into three parts for viewing convenience. We hope you will learn more about concurrent college credit.

At Homeschool Counselor, we want you to be fully equipped to make informed decisions about your Challenge students, both now and in the future. This summer, please stay tuned to register for more webinars about transcripts and degree planning. We hope to meet you online and answer your questions!


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