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is anyone else having problesm downloading the worksheets?

Yes, I haven't been able to download the Sandbox. It just get suck. Is there another place I can download it from?

I can't get cycle 3 week 2 to load



I was having a issue also and used another computer (im at work) but i think if you change browsers, that may help.

I'm also trying to download/print and it just shows the first page. Anyone have any suggestions?

Likewise, I have tried downloading week 1 but cannot. It will only open the front page.


I have seen several comments saying that they can't get the Sandbox to load. I was having the same problem until I tried to open it with a different web browser. I couldn't get it to load with Google Chrome, but it opened right up when I used Internet Explorer. I've heard that other web browsers work as well. I hope you all get it to work, this is a wonderful resource!

The only browser I could get it it pull up on was safari on my Iphone.