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Getting Started with CC Connected

CC Connected offers the help you need at your fingertips anytime you need it. It provides a wealth of resources (video, audio, downloadables, and more) and a community of experienced Classical Conversations parents to help you reclaim your own education as you create a unique and wonderful education for your children!

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Subscription Tiers complement your classical Christian studies at home

Scribblers Tier

The Scribblers Tier contains tutorials, printables, activities, and ideas for the littlest learners. Activities cross a broad spectrum of subjects from science to geography to phonics to math to poetry. The resources and activities that comprise the Scribblers At-Home Program help hone fine motor skills, develop basic literacy, reinforce Foundations memory work, and teach children about truth, goodness, and beauty.

Foundations Tier

The Foundations Tier offers great resources for learning in the grammar stage including the Classical Acts & Facts History Card timeline with hand motions. Forums connect you with other Foundations parents around the world, and the File Sharing gives you access to activities created by Foundations tutors and parents that you can print off and use at home, or share your own ideas with others! PLUS, a special area for students: online tutorials provide interactive memory work review for Cycles 1, 2, and 3 with audio and visuals.

Essentials Tier

The Essentials Tier offers video tutorials that help you teach English grammar at home. Short videos break down the topics so that you can learn the essentials before you teach them. Also tips for how to organize a student notebook and why we do what we do in Essentials class! Writing center offers more guidance on teaching writing and the math section offers the complete text of Tables, Squares & Cubes, a resource known by experienced CC parents as, "The absolute best way to learn multiplication tables!" Enjoy access to forums with Essentials tutors and parents to get answers to the trickiest questions. On the File Sharing center, you’ll find ideas for extending the lessons at home and extra sentences for practice.

Challenge Tier

The Challenge Tier complements your Challenge seminar at home with video tutorials in Latin, math, and writing. You can learn from experienced Challenge tutors and educators such as Andrew Kern in our Learning Center. Forums connect you with Challenge parents and tutors across the nation and the file sharing gives you access to additional helps created by parents for their own students. "It is wealth of information that helps me be a better educator all the way through high school!"