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Parent Conferences

A primary goal for Classical Conversations is supporting parents by equipping them to become great educators at home. To that end, we offer free 3-Day conferences for parents called Parent Practicums. These conferences are held each summer across the United States and in other countries where Classical Conversations communities meet.

Returning to Roots & Reason: The Art of Arithmetic

Have you ever felt stumped by homeschooling?! Are you looking for a “key”—something that will make all your efforts work together for success? Join us this summer at a local 3-Day Practicum: Returning to Roots & Reason: The Art of Arithmetic offers keys to more than mastering math! You’ll find a community of local families, eager to explore the classical model of education and find tools that make learning all subjects with all their children satisfying. We’ll practice with easy-to-use techniques, learning how to open the lines of communication with our children that make acquiring knowledge and everyday conversations easier.

During our 3 days together, we’ll also explore the Biblical roots of math, spend time playing with numbers, and learn how to recognize numbers in all of their forms.  Additionally, we will open our minds to the idea that numbers are fun, mysterious, silly, puzzling, satisfying, intriguing, exciting, creative, beautiful, and useful!

Find a supportive community, answers to your questions, and the keys to unlock your next steps on the homeschooling journey… all by opening the door to Practicum!

While you learn, your children learn, too!
Economically-priced day camps are available for students of all ages. Your students are sure to enjoy the group learning environment, whether they are being cared for in our nursery; playing and singing in our play camps; memorizing and drawing God’s world in our geo-drawing camps; or learning about math, language, writing, science, logic, debate, or public speaking in our academic camps for older students. Advance registration for student camps is required, so don’t delay!

For more information, visit our Parent Practicum website.