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National Memory Master Finalists 2019

The 2019 National Memory Master Competitors
Have Been Selected!

This year we received over 90 entries in the National Memory Master Competition. There were humorous entries, informative entries, and entries that told compelling family history surrounding the theme of 20th century World Wars. The hard work and effort of each student and parent was evident in every entry we received. Quite frankly, narrowing it down to just 16 was a difficult task, and each student who entered should be incredibly proud of the hard work they accomplished.

Our team of judges poured countless hours into watching every single video. We carefully noted each history sentence used, we listened intently for each entry’s theme, and we closely watched each candidate’s presentation skills. We were dazzled by the creativity we encountered. Watching these entries gave us so much hope for the future. It is truly amazing how well each of these students articulated their thoughts.

From the outstanding pool of entries we received, our judges carefully selected the following 16 candidates. One finalist was selected for each region, and then four additional outstanding students were selected. We hope you enjoy their videos as much as we did!


Asher Guest

Region 1

Jaycee Mae Faber

Region 2

Brody Stark

Region 3

Tristan Doner

Region 4

Charis Ng

Region 5

Tobin Seiple

Region 5

Andre Reyes, Jr.

Region 6

Sadie Smith

Region 6

Taylor Snook

Region 6

Camille Porter

Region 7

Addison Fulling

Region 8

Eva Mussari

Region 9

Lydia Kipp

Region 10

Brady Phillips

Region 11

Kylie Alkire

Region 12