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National Memory Master 2017 Finalists

2017 Winner and $10,000 Grand Prize Recipient Announced

Congratulations to Jackson Ford and his parents, of Fountain Valley, California, for winning the Second Annual 2017 National Memory Master competition!

See this article for more on the story:

Congratulations to all the Finalists and family members who participated in the finals on the Capstone Cruise on May 1, 2017. We hope that you were able to enjoy the cruise as well as meet other families from across the country.

If you have memorized one cycle of material in Foundations, and you will be 11 years old starting this Fall 2017, we encourage you to plan to submit in February 2018 and have the chance to be among the 16 Finalists from 12 regions across the U.S.;

2017 Finalists

This year more than 66,000 Foundations students participated in memory work, and 8,028 achieved the Memory Master level. Quite an accomplishment in its own right.

We began the 2017 National Memory Master competition with more than 50 entries. All of the entries were wonderful, and we are so thankful for all of those students who created a video entry. The fans’ job in the judging was easy—vote for all of them! Not so for our judges who labored long and hard, watching the videos over and over, and by the gradual process of elimination reduced the number of entries to 16 finalists.