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National Memory Master


Is YOUR 6th Grade student ready for the ULTIMATE Foundations challenge?

Each year Classical Conversations selects 16 students from across the country to participate in the National Memory Master Competition. The contest was developed specifically for Foundations students who will be entering Challenge A in the fall, and it is designed to help them cement the knowledge they have acquired over the course of their Foundations journey.

To participate, students must submit a scouting video, explained in detail in the Rule Book link below. The top 16 national finalists will compete May 6, 2020, aboard Carnival’s Liberty cruise ship. Finalists will receive a paid cruise for themselves and a parent as well as a travel stipend to cover transportation expenses, and one hardworking student will win the competition and the grand prize of $10,000!

2020 NMM Rule Book


What is the National Memory Master Competition?

National Memory Master is a nationwide memory competition for Classical Conversations® students, ages 11-12, that culminates in a national championship for 16 finalists on a cruise and a chance to win $10,000. Students interested in entering the National Memory Master competition must complete a Cycle 2 proof with their local licensed community Director. Additionally, parents should be certain that their students can accurately recall information from Cycles 1 and 3 at home.


Region Map

Entrants will be divided by region, and voting will be based on the entrant’s region of residence. At least one finalist from each region will be selected unless no eligible submissions are entered in a given region. If a region has less than five entries, competition organizers reserve the right to combine that region with the region that has the lowest number of entries.


What is the difference between the National Memory Master Competition and the regular Memory Master process?

At the end of each Foundations year, students wishing to participate in the Memory Master program recite all of the information they have learned from the following categories: history, geography, English grammar, Latin, math, and science to their parents, another adult, their Tutor, and finally to their local licensed community Director. They use memorization resources such as the popular Audio CD and Acts and Facts Timeline cards. (For a more detailed description of the Foundations program and associated memory work, please see our Foundations program page.)

Directors in licensed communities bestow the title "Memory Master" on students who successfully recite ALL of the memory facts from the current year's memory work. Students who successfully complete the Memory Master process are awarded the title “Memory Master” and are given a t-shirt to commemorate their success.

Students wishing to compete in the National Memory Master competition must complete a proof on the current Foundations cycle with their local licensed community Director as the first stage in the national competition. The only difference between this proof and a regular Memory Master proof is that it must take place earlier in the year. Once a student has completed an early proof in order to participate in the National Memory Master contest, they will be considered a Memory Master for their community.


Fifth Edition Curriculum and Competition Update

Since the information for Cycle 3 does not contain significant changes, we will be using only the Fifth Edition curriculum moving into the 2020 competition. Cycle 3 products will not be released in advance.


Congratulations to 2019 National Memory Master Winner, Tobin Seiple!

This year we received over 90 entries for the National Memory Master Competition. There were humorous entries, informative entries, and entries that told compelling family history surrounding the theme of 20th century World Wars. The hard work and effort of each student and parent was evident in every entry we received. From the outstanding pool of entries, our judges carefully selected 16 candidates. One finalist was selected for each region, and then four additional students were selected. On April 30th 2019, these outstanding students competed for the title of National Memory Master; and after a tough competition, Tobin Seiple emerged as our 2019 winner.

2019 NMM WinnerView Top 16 Finalists


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