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Testing Services


Standardized Academic Achievement Testing in your community for any homeschool student

At Classical Conversations, testing is one small part of a larger vision to help parents assess the heart, mind, and soul of their children. For this reason, we emphasize the skill of test-taking rather than the outcome. Repeated practice removes fear from the test-taking experience. Test results merely allow parent and child to celebrate progress and discover areas for growth.

Any homeschool student, whether enrolled in a Classical Conversations community or not, may test with Homeschool Testing Services. We have been facilitating standardized testing for groups of homeschool students since 2008. In 2015, 10,000 students tested with us in 300 on-site locations, and 70 online testing events. Well-qualified and experienced Test Coordinators and Proctors contract with us to provide you a relaxed and easy testing experience.

We now offer multiple testing options. In community, students may test using either the Stanford-10 or CTP4 academic achievement tests. Both are nationally-accredited and norm-referenced tests. For families who can't get to their local community for testing, we also offer the Stanford Online Test.

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