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Classical Conversations Plus

Affordably earn college credit in alignment with Challenge II, III and IV.

What is Classical Conversations Plus?

Classical Conversations Plus exists for registered Challenge® families to enroll in regionally-accredited 3-credit hour college courses that are closely-aligned to the Challenge II, III and IV Guides. Classical Conversations Plus has several benefits:

  • Colleges provide credit through credentialed Assessors or Reviewers for Challenge coursework;
  • Students experience early college academic vigor while remaining in their parents’ care;
  • Parents access a Christian, credentialed Assessor or Reviewer who assesses work at a collegiate level and who respects parents and their choice of curriculum;
  • CC families reduce their initial costs for college.
  • Classical Conversations Plus age requirements for currently registered Challenge students are 15 years of age as of September 30 to qualify for Challenge II concurrent college courses and 16 years of age as of September 30 to qualify for Challenge III or IV concurrent college courses. Students are required to have a two year previous history with the Challenge program to ensure success with college level assessments. 

What is new?

Classical Conversations Plus Composition I College Credit Options

Students only need one course of Composition I (3 credit hours) for concurrent college credits if college freshman English composition credits are desired for the transcript.

Classical Conversations Plus offers four (4) Composition I courses to give students different options in securing the English Composition I Credits based on Challenge level, semester length, time of year, and the particular seminar topic for assessment. A student may elect to gain Comp I credits while in Challenge II using British Literature assignments for assessment. Or a student may elect Comp 1 credits while in Challenge III choosing from three different course options.  These options are offered so that students and parents may choose the seminar topic emphasis for assignment assessments and also plan a timetable for the homeschool high school years in conjunction with other college credits that are available through the Classical Conversations Plus college credit program.

Please refer to the table above for particular information.

Classical Conversations Plus ICS News

Classical Conversations Plus has added, for the school year 2017-2018, a second partnership with Integrity College Solutions (Classical Conversations Plus ICS). Classical Conversations Plus ICS began August 23, 2017 with Challenge II Exposition and Composition “British Literature,” Challenge III Exposition and Composition “Shakespeare & Poetry,” and Challenge II Grammar “Latin II.” Registration was limited for this first year to just these three courses that last for a two semester length period (30 weeks). There will be no Spring term registration available this year as these courses are still convening. Enrollment size and course offerings will increase in future years to accommodate demand. The syllabus in the Challenge Guides is as closely aligned as allowable to the syllabus for the college credit. What remains in place is the authority of the parent to grade their child for high school work completed, as well as director-provided assessment (excluding grading) and peer assessment. What is added is a college-credentialed assessor, accessed through a state-of-the-art college-level student management system, who provides assessment at a college level in a classical style. The college-level assessment yields college credits, typically 3 credit hours for each course, although courses vary in lengths of one or two semesters.

Course Listings

SEU Courses


ICS Courses

What do courses cost?

Classical Conversations Plus SEU courses remain the same price this year at $500 for a full 3-credits, which equates to $167 per credit hour. There are no additional fees and no required additional books, with the exception of the math courses. Classical Conversations Plus SEU Math courses each require the purchase of an electronic math textbook license for an additional fee. With that knowledge in advance, families can avoid purchasing the high school math text if they wish. Tuition fees are paid to SEU, not to Classical Conversations.

Classical Conversations Plus ICS courses for 2017-2018 each are priced at $389 for a full 3-credits, which converts to $130 per credit hour. There are no additional books required. Tuition fees are paid to ICS, not to Classical Conversations.

Will classes transfer?

Every year, transferring credits between colleges eases within the United States; however, the process remains widely-varied and non-systematic. Classical Conversations Plus and each partner college are well aware of the need to transfer credits, and we all do our best to prepare the credits for successful transfer to the college of your choice. The following have been reviewed in detail by authorized representatives, with accreditation in mind:

  • Selecting college partners with regional accreditation, the highest accreditation in the U.S.
  • Challenge strands meet college course Student Learning Objectives (SLOs)
  • Challenge strands are consistent with existing college course titles, number, and syllabi
  • College-level Assessor or Reviewer earned required minimum credentials
  • College Department SLOs have been met
  • Credit is determined in advance as graded “A-F” or “CR” credits, which transfer but do not factor into collegiate GPA calculations

Who are the Classical Conversations Plus college partners?

Southeastern University (SEU) is located in Lakeland, Florida. The partnership focuses on using Challenge assignments with specific directives to gain college credit.

SEU Reviewers review student work and provide feedback. They also provide course grade assessments. Reviewers do not instruct nor teach in the traditional manner; instruction and teaching is provided by the home educator, maintaining the home educator's authority. This Classical Conversations Plus SEU partnership extends our Challenge III and IV communities into the college level, while allowing students to stay actively engaged in their local communities.

Register for CC+SEU courses here: SEU

Thanks so much! This has been such a great step for him academically and personally in his education. It has been a joy to see him step up his game in regards to basic planning and study skills. I am so happy that SEU has partnered with CC in this way!

From the H. family


The first Classical Conversations Plus ICS partner college is the College at Southeastern, based in Wake Forest, North Carolina, also referred to as “C @ SE.” The Dean of the College, Dr. Jamie Dew, is a Classical Conversations dad. Each Classical Conversations Plus ICS course will have its own College Assessor. The first College Assessor for each Literature course is a Classical Conversations mom, Mrs. Sarah Lang, who holds a M.A. in English. The Latin assessor is a Classical Conversations dad, Dr. Steven Dilday, PhD. Their brief biographies can be viewed here.

Register for Classical Conversations Plus ICS courses here: ICS

Additional colleges are in varying stages of joining in with Classical Conversations Plus ICS. As partnerships become secured, announcements will be shared.


ICS (Integrity College Solutions) is a service which makes courses available as registrar, student management system provider, assessor support, family support, and customer support for features pertaining to the Classical Conversations Plus ICS program. ICS accepts payments from each family for each course and articulates the no-refund policy. ICS works with Classical Conversations Plus to ensure the syllabus for each course is aligned as much as possible to Challenge strands while meeting the stringent requirements of the college.

Caleb's Latin class has been a very positive experience for him. We've been very happy with Integrity College Solutions, and I look forward to Caleb being able to take more of your college classes in Challenge III.

- Lanelle L, CC Mom

Contact Information

This new program was arranged by Scott T. Whitaker, Director of Homeschool Counselor, Will McCreery, founder of Integrity College Solutions and Lin Tomkinson, Senior Advisor at Homeschool Counselor.

For customer service please email us at

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