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Capstone Graduation

Our 2020 Graduates

A Unique Journey Deserves a Unique Capstone Experience

By giving your student a classical education, your family has already enjoyed a unique journey. Graduation is an important milestone in that journey, why settle for an ordinary experience? Instead, join us as we celebrate this capstone event with your family while enjoying the stunning majesty of the Caribbean Sea. Classical Conversations’ Capstone Cruise graduation gives families the opportunity to truly celebrate, while graduates have the opportunity to honor their parents in a thoughtfully conceived, Christ-centered ceremony.

Stress Free Celebration For the Whole Family

In addition to celebrating this important milestone on your classical journey, the Classical Conversations Capstone Graduation allows families a stress-free solution for celebrating with their extended family and community. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends are all welcome to join the festivities onboard. Just imagine! You won’t have to clean your house, plan meals for a crowd, or worry about where everyone sleeps! This is truly fun for the entire family. It is a chance to relax with your extended family rather than stressing over the details of hosting a graduation celebration for your entire extended family.

Be Part of the Broader Community!

Many families are shocked by the sense of community that develops in such a short time! Prior to the cruise, our dedicated graduation staff works hard to connect all the graduates, so they can begin to get to know each other. This year we started the fun poolside in Cape Canaveral with many of the graduates and their families on Saturday night. The next morning, we woke up and worshiped together under the palms. The bond established before the cruise extended throughout the entire event, and by the end of cruise the graduates were inseparable. The Classical Conversations Capstone Graduation Ceremony is a celebration of our broader Classical Conversations homeschool community!

For All of the Details

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Meet our 2019 Graduates!

We hope you enjoy reading the short biographies from our 2019 Classical Conversations Capstone Graduation program. These bright, young students are off to a wide-variety of futures. Some are headed straight to the college of their choice, others are taking a gap year to explore service opportunities, while others are exploring vocational training and apprenticeships.

Enjoy samples from last year’s 2018 Graduation!

Our 2018 Graduates2018 Commencement Speeches

Top Left: Duncan Fischbach
Top Right: Katie Bunch
Bottom Left: Havilah Houston