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Classical Conversations Capstone Cruise

2021 Capstone Cruises will not be Sponsored by Classical Conversations

In the face of all of the precautions of 2020, we have been greatly looking forward to make-up events for our missed celebrations this year, such as the annual Capstone Cruise. We have recently been informed, however, that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has extended the No Sail Order in the U.S. for another month. Due to the ongoing uncertainty around the cruise industry and COVID-19, we are saddened to announce that Classical Conversations will not be sponsoring a Capstone Cruise in 2021.

We know that means you have many questions. Here are our best answers to all of the implications of this change.

An Alternative to the CC Capstone Cruise

If you are already signed up for the 2021 Capstone Cruise, Amy True and her team will give you a call in the next five business days to assist you with any questions you may have about rescheduling or refunding your current reservation.

Knowing that some of you may still be interested in cruising, Amy True with Escape Traveling Planning is offering her own homeschool family cruise (with a graduation ceremony!) from May 10-14, 2021. The cruise sets sail out of Port Canaveral, Florida. Amy is an independent travel agent who has worked directly with Carnival Cruise Line for the past few years to host the Capstone Cruise. To learn more or register for this cruise, please reach out to Amy True at Escape Travel Planning: 502-767-6902 or


The 2021 Classical Conversations graduation celebration will be held during a planned celebratory event with Home Office in spring of 2021. Continue reading below for more information on this event.

National Memory Master (NMM)

The National Memory Master preliminary round competitions will be held as in past years. However, the 2021 National Memory Master finals, featuring the 16 selected finalists, will be held during a celebratory event in the spring of 2021 (see below for more information).

National Memory Master Details

National Number Knockout (N2K)

The National Number Knockout competition will not be held in 2021. The competition is canceled this year due to consistently declining interest. It will be reevaluated for future years. We realize this is a disappointment to some families who have been anticipating the 2021 competition, and we grieve with you that the competition will not take place this year. We encourage families and communities to continue enjoying the Number Knockout game and to continue striving as a family to “knock out innumeracy."

Celebratory Event with Home Office

Look for a separate email coming soon with details on a celebratory event we are hosting in the spring of 2021 with Home Office in Southern Pines, North Carolina. This event will include the 2021 National Memory Master competition and 2021 (and 2020) graduation celebration.