To know God and to make Him known.

Event Calendar

  1. Info Meeting: Meet with CC leaders and learn about CC programs.
  2. Open House: Visit a CC community and observe the programs in action.
  3. 3 Day Practicum: Free Conference for Parents (Continuing Education for Parent-Educators)
  4. 1-Day Practicum: One day seminar for parents and/or students on specific topics.
  5. Testing Event ("TE") or Online Testing Event ("OTE"): Standardized achievement testing for students

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

OH-FORESTFreedom Baptist Church
OH-FRANKLINTrue Word Christian Church
OH-WINCHESTERWinchester Church of God
OH-ROANOKEClassical Conversations - Grace Church Campus
OH-CHANTILLYCommunity Baptist Church
OH-LYNCHBURGOpen House - Timberlake Baptist Church