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From One Unprepared Student to Another

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I have a confession to make. When life strikes with all its messy chaos, I’m a master of pretending to read things I haven’t read. I plagiarized a literature paper in high school because of it. I wrote an entire in-class essay quiz in graduate school based on a book I...
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The One-Room Schoolhouse: Nurturing Community in Your Home School

Messy and somewhat frustrating! This is how I would describe our early attempts at practicing a one-room schoolhouse style of learning. I remember one Tuesday morning particularly. It was 9:00 a.m. and the six of us were in the school room. Math books were strewn...
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The Gospel Paradox in the Christian Calendar

As Christians, as parents, and as educators, the question, “How do we order our time?” is important for us. Did you know that the historical church created a calendar that would help its congregants reorder their time and attention around Christ and the Gospel message...
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Discovering Your Child’s Heartsong

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“Watch to see where God is working and join Him.” – Henry Blackaby, Experiencing God Author Eric Davies described his passion to become a Navy Seal as “having the song in you.” He said it was something that never left him. At times, during the hard days of training,...
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More Than Watchmen Wait for the Morning

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I lie in bed, wide awake. Sometimes it happens before I’ve even had the chance to fall asleep. Midnight comes and goes, and I’m still lying listlessly in bed, eyes gazing into the darkness. Other times my eyes pop open at three or four in the morning, and try as I...
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