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Jesus Prays for You!

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“To make intercession for men is the most powerful and practical way in which we can express our love for them.” – John Calvin Like you, I regularly pray for those I love, and like most parents, my prayers for my children are especially fervent. I pray for all sorts of...
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It is time. Time for the school books to be shelved. Time for feeling fresh green blades of grass underfoot. Time for growing the teacher. I look forward to summer every year not for a learning-pause but for a student-exchange. For the entire school year, my children...
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Rising to the Challenge

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After directing Challenge B for a year, I’ve come to a conclusion. Classical Conversations’ curriculum choices are pure genius. They effortlessly intertwine to produce a beautiful tapestry of knowledge—one telling God’s story of mankind’s humanness, redemption, and...
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Seven Lessons from the Homeschooling Journey, So Far

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When I first started homeschooling, someone once told me that my child would become my greatest teacher. I thought that was quaint advice and mostly ridiculous. What could I possible learn from a 4th grader—a nine-year-old? It turns out, I had loads to learn from my...
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Juggling in the Margins

When my first two children were babies, I had one unique, pressing goal, in which I roundly failed. I had planned to speak Italian to my girls at home to give them an immersive start, but found my vocabulary too weak to meet the demands of constant communication....
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