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The Home School as Monastery's picture
Saint Benedict (480-547) lived in an era of decline in the Roman Empire. He realized that it was growing difficult to practice true Christianity given the cultural temperature of his day. Instead of falling prey to the weaknesses his society suffered from, Benedict “...
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The Call of Moses for the Homeschooling Family's picture
by Wesley
Tuesday, 26 July, 2016
categories: Articles, Classical Christian Education
I’ve been in the homeschooling community for quite some time. I was educated at home from kindergarten until I graduated high school in 2011, and this upcoming school year will be my third year as a Challenge director. I’ve seen the best and worst of homeschooling...
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Want your student to be a better writer? Use the Socratic method!'s picture
During my time as an undergraduate student, I had the pleasure of working at my university’s writing center. My main responsibility was to coach students who needed help on their papers. Most of them were wonderful to work with and it was a great job. However, one day...
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The Old Testament Prophets and the Nature of Rhetoric in Plato’s Gorgias's picture
Christian scholars and educators understand that Truth is universal and transcendent. As such, we should not be surprised to find traces of Truth in pagan cultures. One interesting example is how Socrates recognized the prophetic nature of rhetoric. His conception of...
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