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Teaching Entrepreneurship to Your Children

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by Jonathan
Wednesday, 30 October, 2013
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My children are many years away from graduating from high school. I have no idea what interests they will have at that time or what direction they will want their lives to go. I do not know if they will want to go to college or to work straight from high school. I do...
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What Do Employers Want Our Kids to Know?

Have you ever been to Monticello? If so, were you amazed that Thomas Jefferson, our third president and founder of the University of Virginia, was his own architect? Did you know that America’s first president (under the Articles of Confederation) Peyton Randolph...
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Will a Classical Education Get Your Child a Job?

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If there is a question that just begs for both a “yes” and a “no” answer it is this question: Will a classical education get your child a job?   We homeschooling parents worry about our children's future. We want them to be successful, get married, and make a...
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The Effects of Classical Christian Education on Our Identities

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How intensely are we adversely affected by our Marxist-saturated culture? Sadly, I believe that the Marxist mentality runs so deeply that we have nothing with which to compare any alternative. As a case-in-point, I propose that Marxism has even affected the way we view...
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