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I Have Seen the Lord

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We live in an age when we still see in a glass darkly, when our Father’s good gifts still sometimes squirm like serpents and crunch like stones between our teeth, when our vision often fails and our hearts grow faint, when we mourn and long for comfort. We are people...
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Summer Refreshment: Remembering the Heart of Homeschooling

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Sitting at a Parent Practicum last week, I couldn’t help but remember the early days of homeschooling. More than seven years ago, I attended my first Practicum and had no idea what I was doing. My head swirled with questions as I wondered why I was here, who were...
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Holding On

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“Faith is the art of holding on to things your reason has once accepted, in spite of your changing moods.” – C. S. Lewis, Mere Christianity I don’t know about you, but my moods too often dictate the state of schooling in my house. Right around this time every year, I...
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Improving Our Vision: Many are the plans...

For all you planners, perfectionists, and overwhelmed moms out there, here's my little story from three years ago which I hope will provide you with a dose of hope and encouragement! At the beginning of our summer, I had it all figured out. I had plans to make plans to...
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The Gift of Rhetoric, or What Are We Aiming for?

Rhetoric: the art of using words effectively in speaking or writing (Webster’s New World Dictionary) When we first started homeschooling, we read Debra Bell's Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling and felt compelled to write down our vision for homeschooling our children....
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