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A Glorious Journey

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I, along with the majority of classically educating homeschool parents, received a modern education in public K-12 schools. Most of us are making the choice to provide our children with an unknown yet compelling classical Christian education. We are together in a...
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A Commencement Address to Foundations Families

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Plutarch famously said, “The very spring and root of honesty and virtue lie in the felicity of lighting on good education.” Now we, as Christians, know that our faith is also essential, but this famous quote is not without merit. Throughout this speech I hope to...
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A Quadrivium Developed: Christianized Liberal Arts (Part Two)

In our first article, we looked at the development of the subjects comprising the seven liberal arts with specific attention given to the quadrivium. In this article, we will focus on how the seven liberal arts were Christianized. Hopefully, this will give us some...
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Oceans of Peace

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The Peacemaker Monthly Part One – Glorify God Oceans of Peace by Cara McLauchlan “By God’s design, the three dimensions of peace are inseparably joined. As one author expressed it, ‘Peace with God, peace with each other and peace with ourselves come in the same package...
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A Homeschooling Pharisee

Homeschooling is like parenting; it is a calling that begins with a gift from God: children. Like becoming a parent, becoming a homeschooler happens for a variety of reasons. My story begins with me not wanting my children in three different schools in three different...
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