To know God and to make Him known.

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Catechesis! “Caesar and Cicero” and “Language and Literature” in the Challenges

Who does not love the wheel of catechesis first simply signified by Leigh Bortins in her diagrams fringed by circling arrows? The diagram, celebrating knowledge, understanding, and wisdom for the goal to know God and to make Him known, may morph to a more sophisticated...
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Translating from Latin to English

A couple of months ago, we talked about translating from English to Latin. This month, we are going to discuss translating Latin to English. This is predominately what you will be doing in Latin in the later years when you study Vergil and Caesar. The premise is...
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National Latin Exam Musings

As I sit down to write this article, my mind keeps returning to the remembrance that it is March and it is time for the National Latin Exam. I love the exam, and I love the fact that it measures my students against students from around the world (even though it is...
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