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Classical Approach to Homeschooling: Part 2

After discussing the grammar stage of learning and mastering facts in part one of this article, let’s take a look at the next two stages of the trivium. The second stage of the trivium is dialectic learning. By name, this clearly involves dialogue. Once a child has...
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Classical Education Myth #5: Classical education isn't Christian.

Can an education be both classical and Christian? Many parents ask this question every year, unknowingly echoing an age-old query. Parents often associate a classical education with “non-Christian” content such as Greek mythology or philosophy. Naturally, they then...
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A Beginning Glossary of Terms for Classical Education

Before homeschooling my children, my educational experience was limited to how I was taught, which I would generally characterize as traditional. I grew up attending a private, Christian school and later graduated from a Bible university with degrees in social work and...
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Classical Approach to Homeschooling: Part 1

by Tori
Wednesday, 09 April, 2014
categories: Articles, Classical Christian Education, Grammar Stage (ages 4 to 11)
“You mean I’m going to do this math book again next year?” my son complained as his father and I broke the devastating news to him last spring. “Yes, son. You haven’t mastered the concepts in this book yet and you need to have this down before we move on,” we gently...
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Classical, Christian Education: A Brief Overview

In his pamphlet titled “Of Education,” John Milton, a seventeenth-century Christian poet, thinker, and statesman, wrote that “the end then of learning is to repair the ruins of our first parents by regaining to know God aright, and out of that knowledge to love him, to...
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