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Classical Conversations Comes to the Rescue

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“Are you sure you want to drive this van all the way to Baton Rouge?” This is the question our mechanic asked us when we told him why we were repairing the alternator and rear air conditioning on our 2003 Chevy Venture minivan which showed nearly 230,000 miles on the...
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Classical Conversations in Australia: Show and Tell

Recently, my family and I had an opportunity to travel to Brisbane, Australia where we were able to hold information meetings, a mock Classical Conversations program day, and a one-day practicum on rhetoric. The land down under—a land with many poisonous insects,...
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Two-Thousand-Mile Thoughts on Teaching the Trivium

Imagine this scenario: As we travel across West Virginia, three boys are loudly singing "Take Me Home Country Roads" by John Denver (at the top of their lungs), the rain is pelting our windshield so hard that it sounds like a helicopter is about to take off right there...
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Taking It on the Road

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Aren’t road trips wonderful?! They promise adventure, surprise, discoveries, and memories. The perfect road trip is a blend of planning and serendipity: enough foresight to keep the destination attainable, but enough spontaneity to capture the unexpected treasures...
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Travel Tips and Teaching

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by Beth
Monday, 09 September, 2013
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Our family LOVES to travel! We have adopted the goal of visiting all "50 States before they graduate" as our own. Besides the hundreds of photographs I take while we travel, we have two main methods of documenting our travels.  The first method:  my children's travel...
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