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Music Shapes Us (Excerpted from The Neglected Muse: Why Music Is an Essential Liberal Art [Part III*])

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Even apart from [its] profound connection with mathematics, music is pre-eminent among the arts for the order and clarity, the sharply defined character, of its elements. Music moves us, sometimes to overpowering emotion. It does so through well-defined structures,...
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Your Presuppositions Are Showing

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by Lisa
Monday, 25 February, 2013
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If you have ever read Robinson Crusoe, you may remember one of his most serendipitous discoveries. Crusoe, the shipwrecked castaway, finds barley growing by his homemade shelter and realizes that he himself must have grown it, however unintentionally. He deduces that...
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Talking Differently about Music

I have decided to take a different tack when I talk to someone about music. Usually, I ask a person what he likes to listen to, or what artists he likes. Why do I ask this question? Recently I heard a lecture on music and the arts by Dr. Jeremy Begbie. He said that...
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You Are Math in Motion

If I asked you, “Do you like math?” would you answer that you dislike it? Would you complain that you “never use it in real life”? Would you claim that you are not a “math person”? If you would answer in those ways, consider a follow-up question: “Do you like music...
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Music's Connection to Math and Nature (Excerpted from The Neglected Muse: Why Music Is an Essential Liberal Art [Part II*])

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by Peter
Monday, 04 February, 2013
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Music, amazing in its power over our emotions and character, is even more amazing because it is eminently capable of being studied. Traditionally, music is one of the seven so-called "liberal arts." Liberal, here, has nothing to do with its current, political usage. It...
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