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Science: A Path to Wonder

On August 2, 1971, Apollo 15 commander David Scott stood on the surface of the moon in a live television feed and demonstrated an incredible scientific fact that had been described by Galileo more than three hundred years earlier: that two bodies of differing weight...
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Wrestling with the Question

What is the purpose of a question? Is it to come up with a correct answer or should there be something more? What if we used questions to stimulate more questions? What if our purpose for asking questions was to extend the curiosity of our students rather than just...
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The Best Question

The Question Book Club – Five Ideas for What’s Next The Best Questionby Cara McLauchlan   So what?” is the question my dad used to ask me after we had a long discussion. It was always presented as a half joke and half dare. For my dad, it was never enough just to...
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Who Is Your Hero?

Chapters Nine through Eleven – History, Science, & Fine Arts Who Is Your Hero?by Cara McLauchlan   “If we do not move our children to discover heroes to imitate, they will invent their own. That is what the cultural icons have become….If however, I want my child to...
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What’s Your Big Hairy Monster?

Chapters Six through Eight - Math, Geography, and Logic What’s Your Big Hairy Monster?by Cara McLauchlan “Teach your student to use these resources to find information about a concept he does not understand. Parents can model this habit for their students simply by...
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