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Teacher’s Tool Kit for Parents: A Few of My Favorite Things

Revisiting Some Archived Articles that Have Not Been Lost, but May Have Been Forgotten and Are Worth a Fresh Read Original Post Date: June 4, 2012 When I began to home-educate my boys almost thirty years ago, I realized that there were many deficiencies in my own...
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The Lost Tools of Thinking

Last year, our homeschool community, Classical Conversations, introduced the Lost Tools of Writing program as parts of the seventh and eighth grade curricula. This was a good, good thing. I am no expert in the Lost Tools curriculum or in the application of all it has...
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Becoming an Authority on Poetry

by Andrew
Tuesday, 28 May, 2013
categories: Classical Christian Education
Over at the LTW Mentor—the Yahoo! group for The Lost Tools of Writing—we have been discussing what book of poetry folks recommend to a mother who wants to give her daughter a gift book. As you might expect, I wandered from the point when somebody asked what to choose...
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What "Should" One Do?

by Andrew
Tuesday, 29 January, 2013
categories: Big Ideas: Truth, Beauty, Goodness and more!
[T]he ethical question “What should one do?”…elicits not only knowledge, but wisdom, and it draws the interest of the student into any subject, no matter how obscure or far removed from his day-to-day concerns. It challenges the imagination and makes life the...
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The Persuasive Essay

by Andrew
Wednesday, 09 January, 2013
categories: Articles, Classical Christian Education
When you start teaching The Lost Tools of Writing™, you notice early that almost all of level one is devoted to teaching the persuasive essay. You might think this rather odd—even boring. After all, aren’t students much more interested in writing stories and exploring...
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