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Climbing a Different Mountain

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Every parent wants their child to become educated. Every school, whether public or private, secular or Christian, also aims to educate. Homeschoolers, for various reasons, choose to educate in the home and its environs. Christian schools and Christian homeschoolers aim...
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Stick in the Sand: The Place of Technology in Community

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When teaching my own boys or when tutoring CC students, I always ask myself this question:  If I only had a stick and sand, could I engage and effectively dialogue with my students about the concept I want to teach them?  Asking this question helps us to rely more on...
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Why We Must Conquer Age Segregation

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In the introduction to her book, The Core: Teaching Your Child the Foundations of Classical Education, Leigh Bortins makes a radical and disorienting statement that makes the book worth reading. She says, “This curriculum works for a student of any age, but that is a...
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The Core for Teachers

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Great book for all teachers and principals, new and experienced! The Core by Leigh Bortins will help you reach the educational goals for your students that we all desire. This easy-to-understand guide breaks down the time-tested methods of a quality education into...
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The Core Chapter 9: The Core of a Classical Education: Science

The Core Chapter 9: The Core of a Classical Education: Science by Jennifer Courtney I was the helper in my five-year-old daughter’s Foundations class this week when her tutor demonstrated Newton’s First Law of Motion with a tennis ball and a super bouncy ball--very...
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