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Two Valuable Things I Learned in my College Education Classes

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I loved my college and my Latin education. However, the education classes were not as fruitful as I had expected. I really did not learn what I needed to know about teaching techniques until I was out in the trenches. All the theory in the world does not really enable...
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Lessons from the One-Room Schoolhouse

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While teaching educators how to teach, I have realized that we make too light a matter of little things and we do not spend enough time defining the basics. A Jamaican Example In 1995, I taught in a Jamaican Christian mission school for two weeks. When I first walked...
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Cultivating Curiosity: The Art of Asking Questions

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Was your own education boring? Do your kids ever complain about boredom? This is a sure sign that we are not finding the wonder and loveliness of God’s world. How can we learn to look for it? By being curious and asking questions! Do you worry that you can never learn...
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Why You Should Attend a 3-Day Parent Practicum

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by Nancy
Friday, 21 June, 2013
categories: Homeschooling Life
Our family joined a Classical Conversations community in February of 2012, and we did not have an opportunity to attend a 3-Day Parent Practicum prior to joining. When Practicum season rolled around the next spring, I did not feel that I needed to attend a Practicum,...
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What If the Art Teacher Taught Math?

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by Courtney
Monday, 01 April, 2013
categories: Classical Christian Education
My thirteen-year-old daughter is in Challenge B this year, and she is preparing for Mock Trial, so we took a field trip, along with several moms and teenagers, to visit a courthouse and watch a real trial. As we waited for the trial to begin, the sheriff talked with...
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