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Harness the Power of the Question

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Recently, I was pleased to attend Challenge A training at one of Classical Conversations’s summer Parent Practicums. One of the main goals for Challenge A is to harness the power of the question and, to that end, we learn to develop excellent questions which will spur...
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How Classical Education Prepared Me for Africa

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Never had I imagined that I would be homeschooling a few Ugandan high school girls; it’s too crazy even for me to dream up. Thankfully, God prepared me for this long before I knew to prepare myself. Only two months after hearing about the job I boarded a plane and...
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You Don’t Need to Know How to Solve the Math Problem!!

For the past ten years, I have talked to families and even tutors who worry about teaching high school math because they do not know how to solve the problems. Interestingly, none of us seem to worry that we do not understand the questions. Last week in my Challenge II...
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But I Did All the Hard Work!!

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But I Did All the Hard Work!! by Brian Tonnell For months you have been trying to hammer into your child’s head the fact that completing the square requires dividing the middle term by two and then squaring it to find the third term. Over and over you practice with him...
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Lessons from the One-Room Schoolhouse

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While teaching educators how to teach, I have realized that we make too light a matter of little things and we do not spend enough time defining the basics. A Jamaican Example In 1995, I taught in a Jamaican Christian mission school for two weeks. When I first walked...
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