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Poolside Latin, Anyone? Summer Studies

In Classical Conversations, we often speak of the wonderful fruit of restoring the education of two generations of students—the education of the students who are in Classical Conversations and also the education of their parents. What does this mean? If we want our...
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Glorious Freedom

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by Courtney
Friday, 03 June, 2011
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A nice long summer is spreading out before us, and I am remembering the words of Anne of Green Gables.  “Ah, summer! Two months of glorious freedom!” she exclaimed on her walk home from the last class of the school year. As a homeschool mom with two months of “glorious...
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Homeschooling Summer Reading List 2011

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What should homeschoolers read during the summer? You asked for it, so we are providing it! None of these books are required to be read in the summer, but if you want to get a head start on the next year this is the perfect place to start. Hope you enjoy! If you have...
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