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Can a Love of History be Contagious?

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by Vision
Thursday, 19 November, 2015
categories: Articles, Grammar Stage (ages 4 to 11), Homeschooling Life
I have a confession to make: I LOVE HISTORY! As a high school student, my favorite subjects were history and English. I am particularly fascinated by stories about brave souls who lived bold lives following Christ. When I hear about one, I spend hours scouring various...
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Help! I didn’t have a classical education!

Ever since the launch of the Cultivating Classical Parents webinar series, I have received many emails from parents with the same theme. How can I give my children a classical education when I didn’t receive one? If you have had thoughts like these, you are in good...
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Supercharge Your Senses and Experience the World Like an Artist

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You don’t have to be a skilled artist, poet, or musician to train your brain like one. Even when you take a break from formal schooling during the summer months, you can still keep brains active from the comfort of your porch or backyard. In just a week, spending as...
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How We Study Nature Indoors

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Everyone in my home loves nature study. When it is warm and beautiful or even cold and snowy, we head outside to make observations, take photographs, and draw. However, during seasons of poor weather or poor health, we do not neglect our nature studies, but rather...
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Baby Steps to Science (Part 3): Collecting Observations

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Revisiting Some Archived Articles that Have Not Been Lost, but May Have Been Forgotten and Are Worth a Fresh Read Original Post Date: May 8, 2012   So far in this series, we have discussed counting and drawing as ways of engaging in science. In this article we are...
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