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What Can Potlucks Teach Us About Choosing Curriculum?

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When my daughter was young, church potlucks marked the high point of her month. She eagerly anticipated these gatherings for the sheer number of choices, the novelty of getting to try dishes that didn’t normally appear on our table at home, and most of all, the allure...
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Celebrating Childhood

by Brandy
Monday, 04 September, 2017
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It happens almost every day. Our two-year-old sits at the top of the stairs, motions for me to sit next to him, and gestures to the family portrait as he points out, “Mama? Daddy? Baby?” Together, we scoot down the stairs one at a time, studying that portrait,...
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Tracing Memory

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Scattered pieces of tracing paper graced our home much like the misplaced or missing socks were also doing. My girl had traced the lines of many a princess. This wiggly little one could magically sit, all dolled up, under the spell of paper and pen. Looking back at...
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The Book of Books

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When my daughter Gaeligh was two and a half, she received the complete set of Beatrix Potter books as a Christmas gift, and that January her favorite book became “The Tale of Samuel Whiskers”—a story we read, discussed, quoted, and reenacted many times over the...
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Soul of Science: Inquiring Minds

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"Inquiring minds want to know!” Does anyone else remember that advertising tag line? It was the slogan for one of the lurid tabloid gossip magazines that plastered the checkout lines of my childhood. When I was very young, just learning to read really, I would try to...
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