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Investing for Maximum Return

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by Lisa
Thursday, 24 May, 2018
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Do you know the difference between spending money and investing money? Turns out my Challenge I students needed some clarity at the end of this semester. While exploring the “lessons learned” during our Stock Market Project, one student emphatically declared, “I would...
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Glory Speaking

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I have just finished three days of speaking at one of our Parent Practicums in Georgia, and once again, my own heart has come away enriched and grappling with deeper truth and greater insight. We spent the past three days analyzing and sharing with one another about...
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Summer Refreshment: Remembering the Heart of Homeschooling

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Sitting at a Parent Practicum last week, I couldn’t help but remember the early days of homeschooling. More than seven years ago, I attended my first Practicum and had no idea what I was doing. My head swirled with questions as I wondered why I was here, who were...
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Holding On

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“Faith is the art of holding on to things your reason has once accepted, in spite of your changing moods.” – C. S. Lewis, Mere Christianity I don’t know about you, but my moods too often dictate the state of schooling in my house. Right around this time every year, I...
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Book Review: Climbing Parnassus: A New Apologia for Greek and Latin

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Were you classically educated? Me neither! I have so much to learn! And I have been doing it through reading about classical education. I finished reading Climbing Parnassus: A New Apologia for Greek and Latin by Tracy Lee Simmons today. Yay! This book was handed out...
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