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American Government by Immersion

American Government by Immersion by Joel Grewe, Deputy Director of Generation Joshua   Not so long ago in a house not so far away: “Dear, just turn off the TV! You know the more you watch FOX the higher your blood pressure is going to get!” “Grrr! I will, but it just...
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Integrating Theology into Politics

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by Jonathan
Wednesday, 26 February, 2014
categories: Classical Christian Education
It has become taboo today to mention anything relating to Christianity in the same sentence with anything regarding law or public policy. If you mention anything that even remotely sounds like Christian theology in a public policy context, you are immediately met with...
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Colleges, Churches, and the Ukrainian Protests

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You have probably heard about the protests going on in Ukraine. As I write this, it has been four weeks since they began and there are still hundreds of thousands to a million people protesting in the center of Kyiv. In November, the Ukrainian president dropped his...
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Sports: The Open Door for Government Control of Homeschooling in America

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Some people believe the “Tebow Laws,” which are being proposed in various states, are a positive advancement for homeschooling. However, I believe homeschoolers should seriously consider the following perspective: although it is, perhaps, mostly like-minded friends who...
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How to Campaign and Win a Roman Election—How the Romans Were Just Like Us!

The Romans were just like us. They had problems with taxes, their economy, and unemployment. They also had trouble keeping their borders secure from other countries. They had issues with morality, abortion, and welfare. Augustus, in fact, gave benefits to men who were...
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