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Revisiting Some Archived Articles that Have Not Been Lost, but May Have Been Forgotten and Are Worth a Fresh Read Original Post Date: August 15, 2014 Sweet melody amidst the moving spheres Breaks forth, a solemn and entrancing sound, A harmony whereof the earth's green...
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Quadrivium for Trivium's Sake

When I first started to enjoy reading I was two years removed from my college graduation. My love for reading began initially because I loved music. I began reading about music history, music philosophy, music and worship, and yes, even boring music theory. This pushed...
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Exploring the Challenge Programs: Why Study ‘Old-Fashioned’ Subjects?

The Classical Conversations’ Challenge programs introduce students to many valuable subjects as they practice the skills of learning. These subjects include some that are undisputedly regarded as significant today, such as algebra, while others have fallen out of favor...
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Step 1 in Math Is Philosophy

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Math and philosophy are inextricably linked. Unfortunately, students would never be able to know this from reading most mathematics textbooks. Elementary and high school mathematics textbooks are all geared around specific tools for specific types of problems. This is...
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The Common Topics and the Universe

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by David
Friday, 04 October, 2013
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OK, I am like a kid with a new BB gun. I do not really know how to use it, but it looks like so much fun. In that spirit, please allow me to wield Aristotle’s common topics. I just hope I do not shoot somebody’s eye out. Aristotle’s common topics of invention serve as...
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