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The Fight for the Souls of Our Christian Colleges and Universities

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Just as there is a fight for the soul of the Church, there is a fight for the souls of our Christian colleges and universities. Some of the most damaging fire is coming from within our own ranks. Getting shot is bad either way but I think most of us prefer to dodge...
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Preparing for Next Year's Latin Class. . .

by Kathy
Tuesday, 26 June, 2012
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It is time to start thinking about organizing your class materials for next year! I love the feeling of a new year—new information to learn and several trips to Staples. Here are some things I recommend beyond Henle Latin Grammar: 1. A vocabulary notebook. This is a...
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Poolside Latin, Anyone? Summer Studies

In Classical Conversations, we often speak of the wonderful fruit of restoring the education of two generations of students—the education of the students who are in Classical Conversations and also the education of their parents. What does this mean? If we want our...
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Teaching to Change Lives

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Several months ago, while looking over the books found on my friend’s homeschooling shelves, I came across quite a few familiar titles. Some of the books I had given to her because I no longer needed them. Others were books that had intrigued me but I never bought them...
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Summer Reading

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Every summer I read Dorothy Sayers’ mystery Gaudy Night. I look forward to it as I looked forward to swimming, lightning bugs, thunderstorms, and watermelon as a young girl growing up in central Ohio. The book is filled with complex characters and intricate plots,...
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