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Revelation through Rhetoric: Humility and Learning

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Expectant faces. Blank looks. Shrugged shoulders. This describes many afternoons of my first year tutoring Essentials of the English Language for our brand new Classical Conversations Community in Keller, TX. Rather than being the grammar “expert” for our community, I...
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Is It All About Me?

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by Melanie
Thursday, 29 June, 2017
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When we began homeschooling, the focus was clearly on the needs of our daughters and what type of education and environment would be in their best interest. It was “all about them.” Fortunately, at about that time, a few families in our small town founded a local...
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Juggling in the Margins

When my first two children were babies, I had one unique, pressing goal, in which I roundly failed. I had planned to speak Italian to my girls at home to give them an immersive start, but found my vocabulary too weak to meet the demands of constant communication....
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Carpe Opportunity

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I have been teaching Latin now for almost twenty years. Often the parents of my students will lament to me that they did not learn Latin, or any other language, when they were young. I will often ask them a simple question: “Why not start now?” The quick answer is...
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Lessons from the Road

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This morning I thought of young Classical Conversations families while on an endurance bike ride. As I mulled over what I would write this month, I was struck by some interesting similarities between this long distance ride and my twenty-one years of homeschooling....
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