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Starting Slow

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A long time ago I ran a marathon. In Alaska. At the base of Mt. McKinley. Seriously, in my current fitness state that idea feels ridiculous now. It sounded like a good idea at the time. My husband to be and I were newly engaged and it felt like the perfect way to...
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The Year of Bold

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by Cara
Tuesday, 15 August, 2017
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Are you a Trekkie or Warsie? As a kid, I was a pure Star Trek fan. Don’t get me wrong, Star Wars is definitely great, but Star Trek will always hold a special place in my heart, I think because it reminds me of my entire family sitting around together watching the...
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Making Sweet Memories

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“Memory is the scribe of the soul.” – Aristotle Are you making some family memories this summer? Around our home this week we have been sharing some of our favorite memories from summer and homeschooling. With the long evenings that seem to be made for lingering...
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Confessions of a Former Public School Teacher

by Kathy
Wednesday, 27 August, 2014
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Revisiting Some Archived Articles that Have Not Been Lost, but May Have Been Forgotten and Are Worth a Fresh Read As we embark on this new Classical Conversations year, I thought I might pause from my usual Latin discussion to focus on what I love about homeschooling...
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The Well-Made Bed

by Courtney and
Monday, 03 September, 2012
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All good classical educators know about Susan Wise-Bauer’s book, The Well-Trained Mind. We would love to do everything she recommends, but before we can achieve a well-trained mind, I propose we begin with The Well-Made Bed. I mentioned this at dinner with some...
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