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The Power of Yes

I felt like an alien in my own home, teetering on the verge of tears. Just days before, I was melting in the hot Guatemalan sun, mosquitoes attacking my shins. I could not have been happier. How I longed for that now as I felt the busyness of the world pressing hard...
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Tell Me Something Good

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“What could I say that would matter?”   That was all I could think about as I stood before a crowd of 100 Haitians—all homeless, all living in tents. Their brown eyes pierced me—waiting, wondering, and desperately looking to me for something.   I had been on a mission...
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A Homeschooler’s Experience at a Christian Liberal Arts College*

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Emily R and her two brothers were homeschooled by their mother in South Minnesota. “We grew up in small town Minnesota, in the middle of the cornfields,” she says, emphasizing her rural upbringing. Her father traveled a lot with his job, but he had the flexibility to...
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