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Taking It on the Road

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Aren’t road trips wonderful?! They promise adventure, surprise, discoveries, and memories. The perfect road trip is a blend of planning and serendipity: enough foresight to keep the destination attainable, but enough spontaneity to capture the unexpected treasures...
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Seven Ways a Classical Education Works with a Christian Worldview

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Classical Conversations is a classical, Christian education. Some might see these words placed together and not see the connection. In fact, some might go so far as to say they do not connect. It probably will not surprise you to hear me say, “Well, they do go together...
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All Out for Pleasure

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by David
Wednesday, 26 March, 2014
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The Little Red Hen understood the real world. She asked for help as she planted, nurtured, harvested, milled, and baked. No one cared about helping with the work. Everyone wanted to enjoy the freshly baked bread. She rightly allowed only those who worked for the bread...
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Can Books Really Teach Us Anything? (Part One)

There has been a healthy argument in the news lately about whether or not students should read the classics. National Public Radio (NPR) recently aired a piece lamenting the fact that students no longer graduate to serious, adult fiction because they are reading too...
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