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Latin Pronouns: It is sad that the Romans did not have a computer that could bold!

I hope that everyone is enjoying this school year. I thought that I would spend a few months talking about Latin parts of speech (if you have an article idea, please e-mail me at   It is always good to start with our native language. We...
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Two Things NOT to Worry About When Learning Latin

I hope that everyone has had a wonderful start of the school year. We are getting back in the swing of things in our family slowly but surely. I am excited for what the year will bring! When I talk to mothers around the country (I sometimes teach parents online), there...
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Why I Love Classical Conversations' Latin

I hope that everyone is getting excited to start Classical Conversations this month! I myself am getting excited. I love Cycle 3 (especially because I live in Virginia—field trips!) and I am tutoring Challenge III this year (American History--field trips!). After...
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Word Travel

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by David
Tuesday, 12 July, 2011
categories: Classical Christian Education
The written word can be a magic carpet that takes us to another world, another time. The landscape is often strange and unfamiliar, and may be fictional or allegorical. When we read the best writers, the journey gives us a glimpse into the minds of the world’s greatest...
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What happened to the Latin language?

Last week, I had the pleasure of doing a conversational Latin camp online. While studying for the camp, I found out so much that I had forgotten or did not know about conversational Latin. Conversational Latin is different from the Latin we study in academic situations...
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