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Instead of – A Homeschool Mother’s Day Poem

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On this beautiful Mother’s Day I can’t quite find the words to say How I appreciate all you gave up So in wisdom and virtue I would grow up   Instead of your once promising career You dealt with fights and shouts and tears Instead of malls and spas and fun Money went...
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Things Homeschooling Is Good At

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by Tobin
Tuesday, 05 April, 2011
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I was homeschooled until college. As some of my friends reached high school, their parents put them into the State establishment, but not mine. My freshman year of high school we studied the War Between the States. Sophomore year, the twentieth century, and World War...
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What about Football?

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by Robert
Thursday, 10 March, 2011
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The recent budget cuts across the United States have forced colleges to cut teachers, while the football program coaches get millions of dollars in raises. This has caught the attention of Forbes in an article “Get Football out of our Universities.” Leigh Bortins,...
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