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Drawing Out the Wonder: 5 Tools to Make Your High School Day More Delightful

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“Rhetoric is the use of knowledge and understanding to perceive wisdom, pursue virtue and proclaim truth” (Leigh Bortins, The Conversation, 38). If I had to sum up my favorite memories of the elementary homeschooling years, it would be “hot cocoa and buttered popcorn...
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Soul of Science: The Philosophy of Science

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For many of us, “science” is synonymous with “facts.”  If we say something is scientific, we mean it is based on facts, laws, or proven theories—or at the very least that the subject is being studied using the accepted methods of good science. Yet, we are all familiar...
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How to Cut a Cake Using the Doctrine of Sin

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by Jonathan
Monday, 02 November, 2015
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I have run into many people who are not interested in theology because they say it has no practical value. It is all a bunch of theory, but with no practical application. Theology, however, is one of the most practical subjects around, usable in nearly every situation...
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The First Debate

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"Did God really say?"  And so began the first debate.  Satan, the original sophist, uses his crafty rhetoric for his own pleasure and benefit.  His exordium, a simple question, sets the tragic events into motion. Eve's response is most intriguing:  "God did say, ‘You...
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What’s In Your Classroom?

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What’s In Your Classroom? The Three Essential Ingredients for a High School at Home “Homeschooling is a team sport. Our goal is not to launch our children as individuals, but to unify a family that can face the challenges and rewards of life as a team” (Leigh Bortins...
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