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What’s In Your Classroom?

What’s In Your Classroom? The Three Essential Ingredients for a High School at Home “Homeschooling is a team sport. Our goal is not to launch our children as individuals, but to unify a family that can face the challenges and rewards of life as a team” (Leigh Bortins...
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A Life Worthy of Explanation

“We didn’t set out with a list of reasons we would homeschool in high school; rather, we pursued a life we loved” (Leigh Bortins, The Conversation, 6). Recently, I was listening to a sermon by Pastor Francis Chan. He made a statement that stuck with me even though I...
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Reminders from God

A Walk through Psalms: Reminders from God As our family prepares to begin the high school years and Challenge I this fall, I have been creating quite a few checklists and filling out reminders for myself. There is something about embarking upon high school that makes...
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Finding Comfort for Homeschooling through High School with The Conversation

Homeschooling felt exactly right when I first considered it more than five years ago. At the time, my then nine-year-old son shuffled like a little old man, was not sleeping well, and was exhausted daily. Watching him bloom through homeschooling was like witnessing...
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A Commencement Address to Foundations Parents

Plutarch was famous for saying, “The very spring and root of honesty and virtue lies in a good education.” Now we, as Christians, know that our faith is also essential, but this famous quote is not without merit. Throughout this speech I hope to explain how my...
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