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Thirds, Part II: Third Conjugation Verbs

Last month, we dealt with those pesky third declension nouns. This month, we will take a look at third conjugation verbs.   For some reason, thirds are always a bit difficult in Latin. Please keep in mind that the Romans did not order declensions and conjugations;...
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Third Declension Nouns, Third Conjugation Verbs, and Third Declension Adjectives… Oh My (Part I ?)

Thirds are difficult in Latin. Third declension is troublesome, third conjugation is perilous, and third declension adjectives are downright inconvenient. Just when you think you have a handle on Latin—after first and second declension nouns, verbs and adjectives—...
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Five Secrets to Learning Latin (or Any Other Subject) Well

The project: keep up with a group of high school Latin students for Henle Second Year. My response: challenge accepted!   The first hurdle: I had never taken Henle Latin First Year. The solution: Latin by the pool over the summer. This summer I committed to get as far...
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Latin Pronouns: It is sad that the Romans did not have a computer that could bold!

I hope that everyone is enjoying this school year. I thought that I would spend a few months talking about Latin parts of speech (if you have an article idea, please e-mail me at   It is always good to start with our native language. We...
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Why I Love Classical Conversations' Latin

I hope that everyone is getting excited to start Classical Conversations this month! I myself am getting excited. I love Cycle 3 (especially because I live in Virginia—field trips!) and I am tutoring Challenge III this year (American History--field trips!). After...
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