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Written Relics

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by David
Wednesday, 17 September, 2014
categories: Articles, Big Ideas: Truth, Beauty, Goodness and more!, Homeschooling Life
My daughter, a college student, has taken up an antiquated means of communication. She writes letters—the ones with paper, stamps, and envelopes. She has pen pal from her Challenge IV class. She writes to her mother and grandmothers, and they love it. Unfortunately, I...
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A Little Cursive Story

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by Cara
Tuesday, 17 December, 2013
categories: Articles, Classical Christian Education, Grammar Stage (ages 4 to 11)
I was so proud that day. As my son and I joined my husband’s company to volunteer at a local charity, I was counting myself as blessed. In my head, I was thinking about how neat it was that we could take a random school day and turn it into a chance to make a...
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Writing Your Way Out of Writing-Based Anxiety

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by Jen
Friday, 25 January, 2013
categories: Homeschooling Life
“How many words can you write in a minute?” is not a question I often hear, even as someone who writes as a vocation.  However, today while researching for the next set of books in the PreScripts series, I came across a quote that made me ponder this very question. A...
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Language Arts, Spelling, Handwriting, and the Brain

by Matt
Friday, 09 November, 2012
categories: Classical Christian Education, Grammar Stage (ages 4 to 11)
This article is based on a recent interview: Leigh! @ Lunch with Andrew Pudewa. In the interview, Andrew Pudewa and I discussed many things, but the following information really stood out as good, practical thoughts about language arts, spelling, handwriting, and the...
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Made it! The first semester is done. I survived. I had a lot of fun. I just got four tickets in my Essentials class for four very short sentences!  I learned a lot in Foundations this first semester, but I really took to Essentials. I knew going into this year that I...
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